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  • ANALOGUE PANEL METER(Bimeter+Moving Iron)
  • ANALOGUE PANEL METER(Bimeter+Moving Iron)
    The bimetallic movement responds and indicates the meanRMS current loading over a specified period of time. A black pointer which is attached to the mimetal spiral moves in response to the current(heating) in the bimetal spiral. A red pointer (slave or
    memory pointerr) is driven by the black pointer. The red pointer remains at its maximum position to which the black pointer has reached during any period of time. Further, when the loading is reduced, the red pointer remains at the maximum value. This
    enables the operator to know the maximum loading of the system without continuously watching the meter. A zero corrector is provided on the front of the meter to bring back the red pointer to the position of the black pointer. A sealing/locking facility is also provided on the zero corrector to prevent tampering of the reading at the red pointer.