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Chairman's profiles

ZHEJIANG DIXSEN ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD.Dear customers and fiends:
    welcome to Dixsen! Over my 20 years of entrepreneurship, I got 4 children. 2 of them are girls, 1 of them is a boy, and the other is my company, the Dixsen Electrical. Back to the early 1990’s, Dixsen was only a small factory with no more than 10 workers. After years of progressing and development, Dixsen has become one of the competitive manufacturers of the world’s electrical market.
    Now Dixsen has its own factory of 15000 square meters of space, over 400 workers producing more than 5 million pieces of products every year. We grew up because China has become the world’s factory and because the customers all around the world are helping Dixsen to grow up and mature. Dixsen Electrical provides electrical measuring and safety products to people in every continent. From America to Asia, from Austria to Australia, from South Africa to Saudi Arabia, you can always find a Dixsen product working in an electrical cabinet or a box, measuring the electricity and protecting people from the harm of electrical accident.
    We are proud of ourselves and our products. And we are grateful to our customers and our employees. We are creating the business of sincerity,honesty and loyalty. Because we believe, wherever we come from,whoever we are, we should hold our hands together to create better lives and a better world.